Driving operational efficiency

Inacloud is an integration platform based in the cloud. It allows you to easily integrate legacy, on-premise and cloud-based applications through a single interface. Using the SOA platform as its foundation, Inacloud enhances integration with interfaces for Analytics, Administration and Operations for both business and IT users.

Through Inacloud’s Administration interface functions such as SLA management, Transaction management and Subscription management are handled with the reporting for these functions managed through Inacloud’s unique, user friendly Console.

The Operational functions such as Alerts, Notifications, Monitoring and Governance are also managed through the Inacloud Console, which integrates all the different components within the platform. The reports and dashboard for the Administration and Operational functions are captured through Inacloud’s Analytics component.

Inacloud Console

Access operational and administrative data, anywhere

Companies often face two integration issues:

Complexity of the platform which requires specialist knowledge

Performance of the system when running multiple applications

To address these challenges Inatech created the Inacloud Console, a single point where users can monitor the performance and activities of the middleware, so reducing their reliance on technical staff.

Inacloud is all about making things easier for users, that’s why Inacloud’s user-friendly Console can be accessed via Mobile, Tablet, Desktop or through a portal.

For ease the Console can be configured based on business or user requirements. It can be customised further to display a business dashboard providing CIOs and shop floor managers with a key decision tool to help them understand their performance better.

The functions that are part 
of the Inacloud Console are :




Audit and Governance

Subscription management

Transaction management

SLA management


Prebuilt or tailored, you choose

Gathering Management Information System (MIS) reports isn’t always easy, especially when there isn’t one single integrated source where reports can be generated or if CIOs and CTOs are relying on ‘off-the-shelf’ connectors that don’t quite match specific business requirements.

Inacloud’s Connectors Library overcomes both these challenges. The Connectors Library consists of base adapters which can be customised further to meet any specific integration needs.

By having these customised connectors implemented, CIOs and CTOs can easily monitor and manage their business KPIs using Inacloud’s Analytics platform.

SOA Platform

The heart of Inacloud's success

At the heart of Inacloud’s product is the SOA platform. What Inacloud does so well is extend the integration platform outside the boundary of the Enterprise. In order to facilitate seamless integration, administration of the platform’s usage and operations management are critical.

Inacloud’s platform is designed to perform all the basic functions of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). By designing Inacloud on SOA, all connectors on the platform are scalable and can be easily customised based on the needs of the business.


Delivering real-time insight into the integration infrastructure

Inacloud Analytics is the reporting tool of Inacloud. It provides both IT and business users with management dashboards, as well as drilldown reports on specific details on the infrastructure and platform. For speed and efficiency there are a number of standard IT reports available including:

Platform Performance

Health status of Integrations

Utilisation reports

Analytics plays a key role in capturing all metrics required for IT and Business Dashboards.

Through Inacloud Integration Services, the Inacloud team will configure the Analytics component based on the requirements of your business.

Supporting all clouds

Runs seamlessly on any cloud configuration

Inacloud gives you the flexibility to deploy applications both on-premise and in the cloud.

By deploying Inacloud, integration is managed on the internet with applications connected through a seamless integration layer that not only ensures data is available on demand, but reduces the dependency of managing data in multiple locations or applications.

Inacloud is easily configurable and supports all types of cloud including public, private or hybrid cloud. It can be deployed on Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure, Softlayer or any other clouds.

You have the freedom to choose your data centre locations and hosting providers. Alternatively, you can deploy Inacloud in your private cloud environment.

In addition the solution can work in a mixed model where applications are in the cloud of one provider and data is spread across in multiple domains.

As with any Inatech product Inacloud complies with the very highest levels of security including the latest controls defined in the cloud control matrix of the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA).

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