Inacloud is a powerful cloud integration product that lets you easily integrate legacy, on-premise and cloud-based applications, through a single interface. With Inacloud you now have the freedom to buy and integrate best-of-breed cloud applications into your business without the costly replacement of existing legacy or IT systems.

What makes Inacloud unique is that you can integrate all your different applications without having to invest in a physical integration infrastructure simply by subscribing to Inatech's Integration Services.

Inacloud - making integration easy and cost-effective.
Traditional middleware can be expensive, may need customisation with the addition of each new cloud or on-premise application and often requires the type of integration expertise that most companies don’t have. At Inatech, we saw these integration issues with many of our clients, so developed Inacloud.

Inacloud addresses these kinds of problems, helps businesses understand their integration needs and provides the services and expertise needed to make cost-effective integration possible.
There are many benefits to deploying Inacloud:

  • Maximise your IT investments by easily integrating best-of-breed technology with existing legacy applications.
  • Subscription based pricing makes Inacloud an opex versus capex purchase, minimising upfront investment.
  • Access to real-time operational intelligence ensures fast, accurate decision making.
  • Built on leading SOA technology to best complement your existing software landscape.
  • Fully scalable means Inacloud grows with your business.
  • A Connectors Library consists of base adapters, which can be customised further based on business needs.
  • Technical complexities of integration are handled by Inatech.
  • 24x7 support is provided on the phone and via email.
  • Inatech provides an SLA based support model.

Generally the integration platforms on the market only include pre-canned connectors as part of the platform offered. At Inatech, we understand that the integration requirements will not be the same for all companies, so we have created a Connectors Library with base adapters that can be customised further based on your needs.

Inatech's Integration Services and our unique 4D project management methodology also mean you are fully supported throughout the integration process right up to go live.

A Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is an approach or an architecture through which loosely coupled services can be designed and where the communication happens via protocols like SOAP or REST.

ESB is the technical implementation that aids in delivering SOA.

Inacloud is designed and developed on the SOA architecture, which helps Inatech to create loosely coupled services using technical implementations like ESB, BPEL and BAM. In other words Inacloud delivers features of both SOA and ESB.

Peer to Peer ESB is a distributed architecture where each ESB will route the message to the appropriate ESB to deliver the message. In this case the configuration related to each ESB is in a local area within the registry. This approach increases the performance of messages in some cases where there is a threat of losing the messages as there is no governance, in technical terms the hub to manage.

Inacloud uses traditional ESB, which functions on the hub-and-spoke architecture, where all ESB/Services rely on the hub to communicate with each other. This architecture supports controlled message delivery and mitigates the failures.

We are a leading global provider of intelligent cloud-enabled and on-premise integration, consulting and ERP software to the manufacturing, logistics, supply chain and retail industries.

We also specialise in providing fuel management systems to the marine industry.

Our portfolio of IT and ERP products complement our vast experience of successfully managing Oracle and Microsoft Implementations. Clients benefit from an international delivery model that promotes the competitive edge needed to thrive in today’s dynamic markets.

We have offices in the US, UK, Singapore, Dubai and India.
Our approach is based on a ‘high-touch’ model, where we work closely with you throughout the duration of the project.

Using our unique 4D project management methodology, which encompasses resilience and agility, we ensure projects are delivered within agreed timeframes and budgets.

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