Inacloud, who is it for ?

Anyone who needs to integrate and access
 multiple applications at an affordable cost.



Business Users

What is Inacloud ?

A solution more comprehensive than iPaaS

In response to the many issues raised by CIOs, Inatech has developed Inacloud, powered by class-leading technology.

Inacloud is a flexible, powerful cloud integration product that integrates legacy, on-premise and cloud-based applications, through a single interface. Inacloud is more comprehensive than the more common Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) solutions that are available. Inacloud uses a built-in service-based integration platform to draw together legacy applications and new technologies, including cloud applications.

Using traditional middleware plus cloud integration, Inacloud allows for full coexistence with legacy systems, as well as supporting the gradual migration towards a complete cloud-based solution.

The product can be customised to suit specific business requirements. It offers unique features such as resilience monitoring, analytics reporting and administrative interfaces. These features ensure that the integrated solutions have complete transparency and provide information on both monitoring and management at different levels.

A fast, easy to deploy cloud integration solution

We understand your
integration challenges

Integration challenges

Lack of integration expertise

Access skills needed to manage each platform and technology.

Complexity of implementation

Manage the complexity of integration and infrastructure in
order to get the maximum benefits from IT investments.

Capex vs Opex

Reduce ongoing IT costs through Opex not Capex pricing
whilst maintaining performance.

Time to market

Adapt to changing business demands with
faster implementation and minimum setup time.

Lack of business insight

Connect reporting across fragmented applications
for business insight and decision making.

This is how Inacloud helps



Capex Vs Opex, subscription based pricing minimises upfront costs.
Real-Time operational intelligence ensures fast and accurate decision making.
Maximise IT investment by easily integrating new best-of-breed technology.
Quick to implement: 4-8 weeks implementation timeframe.


Built on leading SOA technology complementing existing software landscape.
Fast setup and implementation ensures quicker reaction to business changes.
Fully scalable to grow with the business.
Built to support standard and custom adaptors enabling multiple platform integration.
Integration points management facilitates upgrade and maintenance.
Secure and DR capable.

Business User

User-friendly console simplifies operations and improving efficiency.
Operational intelligence tailored to specific users.
View real-time business and analytical data through accurate and fast reporting.

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